You can financially support St. Alphonsus Parish using the following methods:

1.  If you cannot attend a weekend Mass you can mail your weekly offering to:

    St. Alphonsus Church
     2111 Market Street
    Wheeling, WV  26003

2.  You can include St. Alphonsus Parish as part of your estate planning.  The parish has been blessed with many wonderful and generous gifts in the past from several estates.  Please contact the parish office @ 304-232-4353 for more details and information on how you can remember St. Alphonsus in this manner.

3. You can make a financial Memorial Contribution in the name of a deceased loved one.  These Memorial Contributions can be for specific items or general in nature and purpose.

4.  You can also memorialize a loved one by enrolling him/her in our St. Alphonsus Mass Association.  All members are collectively remembered for one full year at each first Friday Mass.

St. Alphonsus Church conducts special fund drives for maintenance and other parish improvement project on a regular basis.  You can contact the Parish Office for more details about any current fund drive.